Find an I-Drop Shop

Visit your local grocery store that sells I-Drop Water. Remember to bring your empty water container or to buy one in-store.

Bring or buy your
water container

Make sure you are using a clean water container. Cleaning instructions are available on each I-Drop unit. Alternatively buy a new container in-store.

Pay at the till

After you fill your water container, take it to the till for payment. I-Drop Water refills typically cost 75-80% less than the price of pre-bottled water.

Refill your water container

Fill up your water container by pressing the correct button on the I-Drop unit.

Three popular sizes (5L, 10L, 19L) are available or you can hold down the Manual Top-up button.

With I-Drop Water you can buy safe, affordable drinking water for you and your family every day without harming the environment with plastic waste.


1. You'll save money!

I-Drop Water refills cost up to 75-80% less than pre-bottled water.

2. You'll save the environment!

By reusing your water container, you'll be reducing plastic, carbon and water waste and helping the environment.

3. You'll support local business!

Because I-Drop Water and store owners split sales revenue, you'll be supporting local entrepreneurship in your community.

4. You'll help us get free drinking water to children

I-Drop provides free drinking water to schools, which is funded by a small revenue contribution from water sales in their local communities.

5. You'll keep you and your family healthy

Drinking safe water is essential for health. Everyone can afford to buy safe water with I-Drop Water. 

No chemicals, no waste water, no storage tanks - Nanomesh is the ideal water filter for Africa


People should be buying safe drinking water for themselves and their families to stay healthy, but buying drinking water should not be a luxury.

Safe drinking water should be affordable to everyone.

 I-Drop uses Nanomesh filtration technology that is manufactured in the USA to ensure that all water purified by I-Drop units is safe.

We periodically test water from each of our I-Drop units using an independent accredited lab in Johannesburg.



Nanomesh filtration produces no waste water and is extremely energy efficient. It removes viruses, bacteria, cysts and other contaminants from water while retaining essential minerals. This means that I-Drop Water is not only safe, but healthy.

Copyright 2017 I-Drop Water Holdings (Pty) Ltd. 

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