Nanomesh purification is ideal for the African continent. It removes the things that are harmful (viruses, bacteria, cysts and other contaminents) and keeps the things that are healthy (minerals).

The best water

purification for Africa


I-Drop Water is expanding access to safe drinking water by providing point-of-use solutions that any shop owner can afford, and enabling prices that any shopper can afford.

Making safe drinking water from almost any water source


Reducing the cost of oversight and maintenance with built-in GSM electronics

I-Drop has developed a bespoke electronic system that enables us to remotely monitor and control each I-Drop unit from anywhere in the world.

Each I-Drop unit has an embedded sim card that communicates with our online platform in real time. We calibrate each unit to a specific store and location.
Each time a shopper pushes a button, we receive important data that indicates the state of the filters, whether the unit is working well and other key information.
Data is sent through local phone networks in real time. If a unit goes offline for a period of time (i.e. busy network time), it keeps working and sends the data at a later time for our team to view.
The data we collect is organised and provided to our shop owners to show them popular times of the day for water sales, popular weeks in the month and the most common size of customer purchase.


I-Drop Water is using communication and water purification technology to enable entrepreneurs everywhere
 to address some of the world's greatest challenges. 

Copyright 2017 I-Drop Water Holdings (Pty) Ltd. 

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