The Beginning

About 300 million people living in Africa live without access to a safe and affordable supply of clean drinking water. 

The response from the water industry to this problem has been to profit off of desperation. The waste from selling water by the bottle has had a huge impact on the environment and on consumers' wallets. 

I-Drop Water began from a passion to solve this problem in a way that is cheap to the consumer, comes at no risk to the seller, and has as little environmental impact as possible.

Making Waves

After acquiring the rights to market a cutting edge water filtration technology, the owners of I-Drop Water realized that they had a solution to the problem of affordable drinking water.

By developing a machine that could dispense water by the litre, with the simple push of a button, they began approaching shop owners with a deal to install an I-Drop unit in their store at no cost or risk to the owner, and to split the revenue generated by the machine 50/50.

The 'I' in I-Drop

In order to maintain the operation of I-Drop units in stores across the continent, I-Drop uses a wireless monitoring system that provides readings of water usage from every I-Drop unit. 

This allows I-Drop to keep every unit functioning, replacing filters when needed, and to keep track of sales. 

The wireless GSM technology in every I-Drop unit means that I-Drop can provide safe drinking water in remote areas that need it most. As an extra benefit, the I-Drop unit is efficient enough to run off of a solar panel, meaning further reaching potential for the business and its customers.

Copyright 2017 I-Drop Water Holdings (Pty) Ltd. 

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